Wool Dryer Ball Review – Dryer Sheet Replacement

Replacement for dryer sheets

Hello All,

I’m super excited about a subscription program I recently joined called Mighty Fix.  I don’t know how you feel about subscriptions but they seem to be growing in popularity, I presume because they simplify everything from meal planning and preparation to gift giving. I have been wanting to do more reviews of green products on this blog so imagine my joy at finding a place that will send me a new product every month for a mere 10 dollars. Saving me the time of searching for products to review, purchasing them from multiple places and then waiting for them to arrive. I promptly signed up, paid my first 10 dollars and eagerly awaited my first surprise shipment.

When it arrived I actually felt giddy. A lot of this post may be slightly exaggerated but I assure you the giddy comment is factual.

Onward. The first shipment was a set of three wool dryer balls. Now I have to be honest and tell you that I didn’t test them right away because as excited as I am to try out new “green” products we are still taking about doing the laundry here. Fortunately for me, I am not the primary laundry do’er in our house. Somehow (by my lack of never getting around to it I suppose) the hubby has inherited this task.  When I informed him that in addition to doing the laundry I would also need him to test out my new product and provide me with some feedback he only slightly begrudgingly agreed. Sadly, the report that I got back was not all that complimentary. He insisted that his clothes were much more wrinkled than usual.

I of course, was reluctant to believe him and assumed that he didn’t take his assignment seriously enough. I would have to take matters into my own hands. After all how could this be? These lovely dryer balls are going to save us from every buying dryer sheets again. I will no longer have used dryer sheets stuffed in an empty coffee can waiting for me to transform them into some beautiful creation, perhaps a wedding dress that no one needs. Because I can’t possibly throw them away.

Lest you think that my whole house is full of trash. You will be relieved to know that the hubby has no such aversions and frequently tosses the used dryer sheets and all sorts of other “trash” into the garbage.

Anyway, I wanted to love this new product but I don’t love doing the laundry. And so it was that several weeks passed before I got around to actually testing out the wool dryer balls for myself. Once I was emotionally ready to face the heaping pile of laundry, that somehow the hubby had been more successful in ignoring than I had myself, the first step was to locate the dryer balls, which by now had gone missing. The hubby had put them on the top of the dyer when he switched back to the dryer sheets but when I went to find them they were no longer there.

As a side note I should tell you that our cats are quite deprived of any actual cat toys. The absolute mathematical equation in our house being cat toys = dog snacks. But the cats because of their cat like nature are able to make toys from from all sorts of things. There favorite item is currently the paper towel. Many a morning I have gotten up to find my kitchen littered with bits and pieces of shredded paper towel. Maybe they are actually mad and trying to make a point that it isn’t their fault that the dogs eat their toys. But I prefer to believe that they are just being resourceful and not vindictive.

In all probability, if you live with cats you are aware of the theory of Catus-sphere-y which states that the gravitational pull of any and all round objects on the species felis catus is = to or > than the force that a black hole exerts on the universe. For a specif example we will refer to three wool dryer balls. Which presumably remained on top of the dryer for a nanosecond after being left there.

Yes those crazy cats do like to keep me entertained and so I played their little treasure hunt game to locate the three missing dryer balls turned cat toys. One was under the water heater. One was back by the litter box. Nice. Right? Can’t wait to throw that in with my clean clothes. And the third one was tangled inside a pair of the hubby’s underwear. I am not sure how the cats managed that one but they are pretty crafty.

So, I was finally ready to quell the nay-saying reports of poor dryer ball performance. But as fun as my little treasure hunt had been I have to admit that my enthusiasm for them was already waning.

So the long and the short of it is…….. Well you have already labored through the long of it.

Here is the short of it. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Upcycling,

Review of Wool Dryer Balls - Replacement for disposable dryer sheets

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  1. I was given a set of six dryer balls for Christmas by our daughter who swears by them. I didn’t find any reduction in drying time (although I have read the more you use the quicker the clothing dries, but I used all six! surely that should have done it) and I still had some static as well. I think they are good for anyone trying to cut down on chemicals (like my daughter, who has eczema and little kids) but I’m past the age when I’m worried about that 🙂 I went back to my unscented dryer sheets.

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