Upcycling Glass Bottles into Jewelry with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

How to use the Fuseworks microwave kiln to make glass jewelry

Did you know you could melt glass in your microwave? I just found out about the Fuseworks microwave kiln and I have been having fun experimenting and making jewelry from empty glass bottles. To recycle wine, beer or soda bottles into pretty fused glass, you need a few glass cutting tools, some safety glasses, some heat resistant gloves, the kiln, some kiln paper, glass and your imagination.

I bought the Fuseworks kiln kit made by Diamond Tech at Hobby Lobby for $119.00 which included the kiln, cutter, gloves, glass jewelry findings and some kiln paper. At first, I was a little worried to use it because I didn’t want to damage my microwave and I was afraid that it wouldn’t really work. But before long I had several fused pieces and a couple new pairs of earrings. Of course, not everything I made was a success but my mistakes are still available as raw materials. So there really isn’t any waste. 😊

If you have been interested in learning more about how to fuse glass but don’t want the commitment of a large kiln this is a great way to get started making small fused projects like earrings, pendants and more all in the convenience of your microwave!

Cut Glass Earrings for Fusing In Microwave Kiln
Cut bottle glass ready to be fused in the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln and Upcycled into Earrings
A peek inside the partially heated microwave kiln
A peek inside the partially heated microwave kiln


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