Upcycled / Thrifted Pirate Costumes

pirate costume

Last weekend the hubby and I went with some friends to our local festival know as the Piratefest. It is fairly similar to most summer time festivals with food trucks, booths and beer, of course there is a pirate theme to all of it there is the cardboard boat regatta and a pirate ball. And pirate costumes are highly encouraged at all of the events.

As I often do, I left the costumes to the last minute. Luckily they came together rather quickly.

Most of the items were from the thrift store. A couple of items were on hand and a few more were from the costume store.

The Hubbys costume was made up of:

  • A white dress shirt (with the collar cut off)
  • Black striped dress pants
  • A black vest (cut from an old polo shirt see diagram below for cut lines)
  • One big hoop earring
  • A skull bandanna
  • Pirate boot covers (from the costume shop)
  • Red sash
  • Plastic sword

pirate costume

no sew pirate vest

My Costume was made up of:

  • White knit top
  • Red tank top (cut up the center, duct taped and laced with tee shirt yarn – close up pictured below)
  • Black skirt
  • Black boots (with leather flap glued on)
  • Skull bandanna
  • Skull belt
  • Old keys on a ribbon for necklace
  • Steampunk jewelry

pirate costume

Happy Upcycling,

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