Shopping Guide – Top 10 sites to find upcycled gifts – How to have a greener Christmas Part 2

Top 10 places to find upcycled and re-purposed gifts

Do you like the count down to Christmas or does it just stress you out more than you already are? Well it is December 1st and that means it is 24 days until Christmas. In an attempt to make you feel better I will tell you that I have not done one thing about Christmas yet.

Unless you consider the countless hours I spent putting this shopping guide together. In the process I did stumble onto some items that I am planning to purchase. So hopefully all of my effort is not all for not. I think I might have just used a double negative but I am a little tired so I am just leaving it that way. 🙂

As a bonus at the end of this post I have also included a short tutorial on how to make some upcycled wrapping paper for all the great upcycled gifts you are sure to purchase.

And now on with my list of top 10 sites to find upcycled and re-purposed gifts.

1 – Poo poo paper  

I started with this one because it just makes me giggle a little. Yes it really is paper made from poo (cow horse and elephant that is.) One of their slogans is “Show them you care….say it with poo.” and if that one doesn’t make you smile there are plenty of others like “pull up a stool and explore our website” or my personal favorite, “We take the oo out of poo.” They are not bashful at all about what their products are made from but you might just be surprised by the quality of the end result.

2 – The Rainforest .com

Not everything on this site is recycled but a lot of the items are and part of all the proceeds go toward preserving the rain forest.

3 – Hipcycle

This is a great place to shop for upcycled items from bike chains to chop sticks and wine bottles to wet suits there are definitely some fun and surprising items to be found on this site.

4 – Preserve

Most of the products on this site are made from 100% recycled plastic into new food storage containers. You can also donate your unwanted number 5 plastic if you are in the Boston area. If you are concerned about the effects of plastic this site is also packed with information and ways to help keep plastics out of our landfills and oceans.

5 – Looptworks

If you are looking for bags, backpacks, phone cases or wallets.  Looptworks has got them. Their products are made with apparel industry excess goods. Their moto is use only what already exists.

6 – Kallio

Kallio uses pre owned clothing to make cute new children’s clothes. Their items are a little pricey but you might just fall in love with one of their designs.

7- Modish

If you are shopping for home goods this is worth a look. Not all of their items are upcycled / recycled but they do have a hole section of recycled and reclaimed goods. I really want this recycled paper dog. Soooo cute!

 8 – Upcycling by Milo 

Super cute bag, backpacks, jewelry and more upcycled from almost anything you can imagine.

9 – Remaple Recycled

This site has some of the prettiest jewelry all made from upcycled skate boards.

10 – Bottles & Wood

Keeping glass and wooden barrels out of California’s landfill is the mission on Bottle’s & Wood. Check out their glasses, jewelry and wood serving boards.

Bonus link:

11 – Kuttlefish 

Not only can you shop for upcycled and re-purposed items here you can also set up shop to sell you own hand made recycled products

And as promised the gift wrap tutorial.


Happy Holidays,

Top 10 places to find upcycled and re-purposed gifts

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