Simple Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Bouquet with Wine Bottle Vase

How to make a bouquet from t-shirt yarn


A while back I cut up some t-shirts for some sort of escape from the black hole known as the internet. I needed an activity that would allow my brain to rest. An activity that would finish the same as it started and not take me on some hour long excursion through cyber space ending up with me watching the latest viral cat video when my intention had been to clean up my email in box. Continue reading “Simple Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Bouquet with Wine Bottle Vase”

Upcycled Magazine Paper Mustache Purse (Yep :-)

Upcycled Magazine Paper Mustache Purse

Good Morning or Afternoon or Evening to you,

It is snowy and cold outside as I write this but I really can’t complain . We have had a very mild winter so far and March is just around the corner. I have been working on a few projects around the house lately and have not been up to my usual crafty behaviors. Therefore I will share with you the making of a paper mustache purse that I made for one of my nieces for Christmas.

Have I mentioned that my family are always good sports when it come to my crazy gift ideas? Well they are.

I have to admit that the idea in my head for this gift seemed so crazy that I almost switched up the design. After all I was already making a purse out of paper. Wasn’t that crazy enough? Continue reading “Upcycled Magazine Paper Mustache Purse (Yep :-)”

Simple Heart Shaped Box Upcycled From Cereal Box

Finished heart shaped box made from cereal boxes


This morning is windy but warm, we have had a strangely temperate winter so far here in Colorado.  To be honest I haven’t minded one bit as I prefer the warmer temperatures and while I think the snow is beautiful I don’t really enjoy driving in it. But wind well that has always put me on edge. We are all a little edgy right now me, the hubby and all of our four legged friends. We lost our dear Roxie a few days ago to cancer and old age and it is impossible to tell who is the most heart broken. (Although the cats being the snobbish creatures that they are seem mostly unaffected) Continue reading “Simple Heart Shaped Box Upcycled From Cereal Box”

The Internet Is Ruining My Brain and Some Tee Shirt Yarn Therapy

multi colored t-shirt yarn balls

I swear I can’t hold a train of thought for 5 seconds anymore. Is it my addled brain, the constant stream of information and interruption. Why can’t I ignore the flashing light on my phone? Why does every news report or article you read on line have to link to other related and sometimes unrelated articles? You don’t know if they are related until you click and then you have fallen down an endless rabbit hole hours have gone by and you haven’t even tracked down that first little piece of information you were looking for. Or is that just me? Continue reading “The Internet Is Ruining My Brain and Some Tee Shirt Yarn Therapy”

Its football baby – Steeler Jacket Repair

Game day at Heinz Field January 1, 2017

If you are not a football fan you may not be as excited about play off season as we are here in our little neck of the woods.  Our neck is in Colorado so you might make us for Bronco fans but you would be wrong.  Our house is a little satellite territory of Steeler Country.  So, we are facing Kansas City with high hopes this coming Sunday.   As you might guess we have just a little bit of black and gold apparel from jerseys to jackets and hats to gloves. Continue reading “Its football baby – Steeler Jacket Repair”

New Year – New Blog – New Name

Upcycle Design Lab Logo
Upcycle Design Lab Logo

Happy 2017 from Upcycle Design Lab.

It’s a new year so I have decided to shake things up a bit.  I have been thinking about moving my blog to a new platform for quite some time now.  It is pretty daunting task but I have decided just to dive in and do it.  So here it is my new little space on the web.  I have a lot to learn so I hope you will bare with me through the transition.

Just to clarify Upcycled Design Lab isn’t going anywhere.  All the past upcycled projects can still be found there. Continue reading “New Year – New Blog – New Name”