Happy Earth Day – Easy Upcycled Boot Tree Ideas

Floppy boots in need of boot trees

Happy Earth Day!

I do hope you have at least one little way to honor the earth today. I promise I am not really a big environmentalist. I don’t protest against the destruction of the rain forest (maybe I should) or wring my hands about the thinning ozone layer. I honestly don’t know enough about the melting polar ice caps to comment on them. Still, I do believe that I have a personal impact on the environment. Continue reading “Happy Earth Day – Easy Upcycled Boot Tree Ideas”

Bunny In A Book / Bunny Is A Book / Upcycled Easter Decoration

Bunny made from a book

Sometimes I daydream about living in a tiny houses. Not that I could ever get rid of enough stuff to live in one. And can you just picture me the hubby two cats and two dogs sharing a 300 square foot living space. Just imagine the Cats vs Dog stories that would come out of that arrangement.  Here are a couple of potential headlines. “Woman’s miraculous duct tape repair after dogs eat her entire home” or “Tiny house tipped over by four legged tenants, how to live in your house when everything literally goes sideways.”   Continue reading “Bunny In A Book / Bunny Is A Book / Upcycled Easter Decoration”

Save The Fruit – Plastic Fruit Makeover

Fake Plastic Fruit

I am fortunate to have what I generously refer to as a craft room, but in reality this space can only be called a junk room. Things collect there. Occasionally an item gets removed to be either donated or in the case of this weird collection of fruit, re-made. The remaking or crafting generally happening elsewhere in the house and rarely in the craft room itself. Continue reading “Save The Fruit – Plastic Fruit Makeover”

Upcycled Chair with Faux Wicker Finish – Dogs vs Cats Episode 9

Before picture of damaged chair

Have you missed the zany tales of my family members with tails?

Rest assured they are still up to their merciless destruction. I write with complete confidence that they will not rest, but will continue to labor without pause or concern for themselves or my sanity, to find new and previously un-imagined avenues to wreck my home.  Their efforts keeping me ever inspired to find new and ridiculous ways to repair the carnage. Continue reading “Upcycled Chair with Faux Wicker Finish – Dogs vs Cats Episode 9”

Simple Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Bouquet with Wine Bottle Vase

How to make a bouquet from t-shirt yarn


A while back I cut up some t-shirts for some sort of escape from the black hole known as the internet. I needed an activity that would allow my brain to rest. An activity that would finish the same as it started and not take me on some hour long excursion through cyber space ending up with me watching the latest viral cat video when my intention had been to clean up my email in box. Continue reading “Simple Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Bouquet with Wine Bottle Vase”

Upcycled Magazine Paper Mustache Purse (Yep :-)

Upcycled Magazine Paper Mustache Purse

Good Morning or Afternoon or Evening to you,

It is snowy and cold outside as I write this but I really can’t complain . We have had a very mild winter so far and March is just around the corner. I have been working on a few projects around the house lately and have not been up to my usual crafty behaviors. Therefore I will share with you the making of a paper mustache purse that I made for one of my nieces for Christmas.

Have I mentioned that my family are always good sports when it come to my crazy gift ideas? Well they are.

I have to admit that the idea in my head for this gift seemed so crazy that I almost switched up the design. After all I was already making a purse out of paper. Wasn’t that crazy enough? Continue reading “Upcycled Magazine Paper Mustache Purse (Yep :-)”

Simple Heart Shaped Box Upcycled From Cereal Box

Finished heart shaped box made from cereal boxes


This morning is windy but warm, we have had a strangely temperate winter so far here in Colorado.  To be honest I haven’t minded one bit as I prefer the warmer temperatures and while I think the snow is beautiful I don’t really enjoy driving in it. But wind well that has always put me on edge. We are all a little edgy right now me, the hubby and all of our four legged friends. We lost our dear Roxie a few days ago to cancer and old age and it is impossible to tell who is the most heart broken. (Although the cats being the snobbish creatures that they are seem mostly unaffected) Continue reading “Simple Heart Shaped Box Upcycled From Cereal Box”