No Sew Footstool Fix Up – Dogs vs Cats Episode 12

I don’t know about you but I have the unfortunate ability to ignore problems until they get too big and demand attention.

Footstool Repair

Take this eight inch tear in my sofa footstool for example. It started a couple of months ago as a tiny little dime sized slit, caused by none other then the Dozillas during one of their routine roughhousing rampages.

I noticed the tear right away and thought what any self respecting furniture owner would think. “I should patch that hole.” But then I went into ostrich mode and the Dogzilla’s continued their assault. Not surprisingly the tiny hole finally became, even for me, an un-ignorable hideous gaping gash that required some serious corrective surgery. Fortunately I have a PHD in furniture cosmetology.

Actually now that I think about it and reflect on some of the truly beautiful furniture makeovers I have seen other folks do I have to admit that they are the true furniture cosmetologist with PHDs.  I am more of a furniture beauty school drop out.

Anyway we do what we can right? And what I can do, if nothing else, is glue things back together. And so after what can only be called a feeble attempt to remove all the pet hair (because I certainly do not have a PHD in housekeeping) I commenced with my plastic surgery skills such as they are.

I started with a piece of denim inserted inside the rip in the fabric.

Footstool Fix Up

Once the piece of denim was smooth I smothered it with some fabric glue.

Footstool Fix Up

I have had some big pieces of green suede for almost 20 years now and they seemed to be the solution to covering the hole. So I cut some big circles out of the suede and played around with the placement.

Footstool Fix Up

Footstool Fix Up

Footstool Fix Up

From these pictures you might think that the green color looks OK but it wasn’t really right so I used some craft paint to paint the circles black. Because I can do almost anything with a little paint and glue. 🙂

Footstool Fix Up

Once the paint was dry. I used more fabric glue to attach the suede to the footstool.

Footstool Fix Up

The next morning, because some of the edges were loose or maybe because I had not had enough coffee ……..

Footstool Fix Up

I decided to add a top coat of pickle juice glue to the footstool.

Footstool Repair

If you are new here you might think that was a typo above. If you have seen some of my other posts you might be thinking I eat way too many pickles.

Anyway, I now have three pieces of furniture and multiple other projects made in part thanks to Pickle Juice Glue. The recipe, which is not my own, can be found here. In case you still don’t know I really like this glue.

Anyway the edges are now smoother and attached more securely to the footstool. The glue has made the fabric a little bit stiffer but it works for a footstool application.

Of course the still pending question is how will this repair stand up to these two “B list” monster movie super stars?

This rare footage captured of the Dogzillas in their natural habitat shows the new footstool withstanding the first of what is certain to be many more similar attacks.

Happy Upcycling,


Footstool Repair





3 Replies to “No Sew Footstool Fix Up – Dogs vs Cats Episode 12”

  1. I so enjoy reading your posts, and this one is no exception.

    And that video! Hilarious ( I love when the cats hear the dogs coming.) Your pups must have springs in their legs!

    The repair looks great. I hope it stands up to the Dogzillas.

  2. Hello Cindy, I contacted you a while back about using your logo as inspiration to design mine and I have finished and would like to start using the logo. I believe that I have made enough of a noticeable difference that it doesn’t look like we are an entity with you and/or that we are not trying to look like your company. I believe that legality wise I have made enough changes for it to be considered our logo and that I could use it right now without permission but I just wanted to clear it with you.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Can you send me a picture of the logo you are planning to use. I can’t really sign off on it if I don’t know what it looks like.

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