Mini Emergency Kit – 26 Handy Items In An Altoid Tin

26 piece emergency kit

I love altoid tins. I know this might make me a little weird but I am pretty sure that I am not the only person who thinks that these little tins are useful for so many “after mint” purposes. (I know this because Google told me so 🙂

Anyway I recently decided to see just how many every day items I could fit into one of these little tins. I managed to get 25 different useful things inside. 26 if you count the hairbands on the outside.

Here is the nutshell version.

Read on for the details.

  • 1) Hairbands help to hold the tin shut and can be used for any hair emergency that might arise.
  • 2) A blank business card for all your important phone number, insurance numbers etc, waterproof it with clear packing tape.
  • 3) Cut a small piece of dusting cloth to clean phones, computer screens and glasses.
  • 4) Cut a thin strip (1/2″ wide) of scrap cardboard with small diagonal slits to hold thread then wrap thread around the cardboard.
  • 5) Small binder clip because you never know when you will need to hold something together.
  • 6) A piece of gum to remedy bad breath or stick something together.
  • 7) Q-tips wrapped in plastic wrap for make up touch ups or cleaning keyboards.
  • 8) Band-aids for nicks and scrapes.
  • 9) I don’t know about you but I seem to always forget the sunscreen. Never be without it again with this single use sunscreen in a drinking straw.
  • 10) Small seam ripper for cutting thread, opening sunscreen or to use as a mini screwdriver.
  • 11) Toothpicks wrapped in plastic wrap because sometimes use just really need a toothpick.
  • 12) Sewing needle for button replacement and small sewing repairs.
  • 13) Straight pins for sewing or minor surgery on blisters or splinters.
  • 14) A small mirror from an old compact glued to the lid. Check for food between your teeth or use to signal for help from a secluded area.
  • 15) Matches if you need a fire or just a smoke.
  • 16) Pre-paid cash card for emergency money. It also makes a nice divider to help organize the tin. Add a small piece of duct tape to make it easier to remove from the tin.
  • 17) Emery board trimmed to fit into tin. For any broken nail emergencies and to use as a strike plate for the matches.
  • 18) Peroxide soaked cotton ball to clean minor scrapes.
  • 19) Lip balm / Hand cream to sooth dry skin.
  • 20) Mini fire starter in a bottle cap.
  • 21) Aspirin in a bottle cap.
  • 22) Paper clips
  • 23) Safety pins
  • 24) Bobby pins
  • 25) Rubber bands
  • 26) Small USB drive

Happy Upcycling,



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