Last Minute Mothers Day Gift DIY

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Are you like me always putting things off until the last minute? Well as you probably already know Mothers day is this Sunday and as usual I am still working on my gifts.

We throw a lot of the holidays together in my family so we will be celebrating a bunch of birthdays as well as Mother’s day.┬áIn order to make things easier for myself I often duplicate some of my gifts so here are a bunch of “magic” buttons that I made to go with some scarves and wraps as gifts for the crew of women’s folk in my family.

They can be use to hold a light weight sweater or jacket closed, help hold scarves in place or worn as a decorative pins.


  • Light weight scarf, wrap or open sweater
  • Bottle Caps
  • Extra Strong Magnets
  • Wine Corks
  • E6000 Glue
  • Knife
  • Linoleum Carving tool
  • Polycrylic or other shiny sealant (optional)
  • Your decorative imagination (I used some old buttons, magazine paper, t-shirt yarn, plastic jems and paint)

I started with some rusted bottle caps. You could also paint them but I like the more antique look.

Rusted Bottle Caps

You also need some extra strong magnets.

Super Strong Magnets

Because my bottle caps were rusted I wanted to seal them with a shiny finish. My go to item for that is Minwax polycrylic.

To make the “magic” buttons use the E6000 glue to secure a magnet on the inside of the bottle cap.

Making magic button step 1 glue magnet into bottle cap

Once the glue is set cover the magnet with your decoration. Here are some examples of what can be used.

examples of decorated bottle cap magnets

To make the backs of the pins/magnets cut a thin piece of wine cork.

Cutting wine corks

Use a little sand paper to smooth and even up the edges.

Sanding cut piece of cork

Use a pen to trace around one of the magnets and then use the carving tool to carve out an impression in the cork just deep enough to fit the magnet.

Carving the wine cork

Use the E6000 Glue to attache the magnet to the cork.

Note: Make sure the magnets are placed with the correct polarization before you glue them to the cork.

Magic Button Pic 8

Magic Button Pic 9

Happy Upcycling,


Magic Button - 2






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