Innocent Purse Caught In The Crossfire – Episode 8 Dogs vs Cats

My purse is not a dog toy

My dogs will eat anything.

Particularly this one.

Purse eating Dogzilla number 1

Apparently every and all objects of mouth size and smaller must be experienced by the taste buds first and foremost, and whether or not said object tastes good or bad, some part of it must be swallowed just to be certain. This seems to be dog rule number one.

It’s not that I try to feed them anything other than dog food and the occasional treat. But nothing is safe in their wake. We have come home to shredded mail and holes in the couch. The hubby has lost 2 pairs of slippers. Wiring has been chewed and replaced and chewed again. The corner of our shed has been marred by 84 shiny white teeth. (That’s 42 teeth per dog according to google.) Tin cans have been pulled out of the recycling bin and mangled. Countless dog toys have been obliterated. Our wood pile has been assaulted several times leaving wood shavings too small for a beaver to bother with. And most recently they or rather Dogzilla number one, ate my new purse. I know this to be true because quite literally and embarrassingly, she did it right in front of me. I realize that this may cause some of you to question my powers of observation as well as my fitness as a pet owner but in my defense……. well I guess I don’t have one.

I guess that I should also clarify that when I say the purse was new, I mean new to me. It was actually a 6 dollar purchase from the thrift store and therefore cheaper then the two new pairs of slippers we have had to replace. But dang it I liked that purse!

Now I am actually rather shameless about my appearance (one of the benefits of getting older, maybe? I am still not convinced that there really is an upside) Anyway, I can remember back in the day when I would not have dreamed of leaving the house without makeup on. Ha!!! those days are gone. So I can confess that I did actually carry my purse a couple of times in its post doggie chew toy condition. But on some levels carrying a purse with chewed up edges was, well, too tacky even for me. Fortunately, just when I thought I would have to dispose of it, inspiration struck.

Here are a few close up shots of the damage.

Dog chew damaged purse

Dog chew damaged purse

My idea was simple, just cut a few patches from some scraps of suede that I had on hand.

Cutting suede patches for purse repair

There was only one problem which you may or may not be able to tell from this photo. The suede I had was blue.

That is why I recommend having fabric paint on hand at all times.

Painting suede fabric patches

The final step was to use some fabric glue to secure the patches in place.

Gluing patches in place

Patched purse close up

Repaired Purse Close Up

It was actually a pretty easy and quick fix and I don’t think it changed the original look of the purse too much.  So now I get to keep the purse and the dog.  🙂

Dogzilla with repaired purse

Happy Upcycling Folks,


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2 Replies to “Innocent Purse Caught In The Crossfire – Episode 8 Dogs vs Cats”

  1. You should write a book about all the crazy things your fur babies get up to. You have a wonderful sense of humor, great writing skills and 4 perfect rascals. I love your”fixes” thank you.

  2. Who’d ever think such a sweet face could do those things? The purse fix is amazing. You’d never know it didn’t start out that way.

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