Happy Earth Day – Easy Upcycled Boot Tree Ideas

Floppy boots in need of boot trees

Happy Earth Day!

I do hope you have at least one little way to honor the earth today. I promise I am not really a big environmentalist. I don’t protest against the destruction of the rain forest (maybe I should) or wring my hands about the thinning ozone layer. I honestly don’t know enough about the melting polar ice caps to comment on them. Still, I do believe that I have a personal impact on the environment.

Sure, it is a tiny impact, whether I drive an SUV 30 miles to work every day (I don’t) or  ride my bike everywhere I go (I don’t do that either). Realistically I know that the recycling I put out on the curb, the fact that I use fabric instead of paper napkins and any of the other efforts I make to decrease my carbon foot print don’t add up to squat. But I still feel the responsibility to do what little I can and I do like to come up with easy and or creative ways to be more frugal for my wallet and kinder to the planet.

I recently noticed all my winter boots into the back of my closet where they flopped over on each other, I presume in order to be more prepared to collect the swarms of pet hair in my home. I promptly decided that I was time to make them stand up a little straighter. I have seen people use pool noodles for this and while I think it is a very good idea, I don’t have a pool or noodles. So I set out to see what I could come up with. As usual the search started in my recycle bin.

Happy Upcycling,

upcycled boot tree idea made from trash

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  1. Somehow I missed seeing these – they are great ideas. I’m not a boot person but my daughter is and I will mention them to her.

  2. I use the little air bags that come with Amazon.com orders for my boots. I also roll up bubble wrap into a tube shape and secure with tape. These work really good for keeping the boots standing upright, are lightweight and will not attract bugs like paper does. The air bags are also good for keeping the shape of leather shoes.

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