Halloween Door Banner Decoration made from Upcycled Plastic

Fused plastic Halloween Decoration

You may not know this about me but I amĀ  pretty stubborn and I don’t like losing. Last week when the Cat Monster tore up my spider web decoration, I mourned it for a few minutes and then contemplated where and what I could decorate that would be safe from the cats. Even though there are only two humans in this house against four furry four legged critters, I do still try to maintain some semblance of authority.

After last weeks crushing loss to the Cat Monsters I was determined to reinvent my project and put it in a safe place protected from all the viciousĀ  teeny tiny claws. I determined that on the front door might be a suitable spot safe from destruction and so I set out to make a Halloween banner from an old plastic table cloth, and some empty plastic bags.

The first step was to cut up the table cloth and lay out a couple of layers. Then the design was cut from and old trash bag and an empty candy bag. Yes I admit I have already eaten the first bag of Halloween candy and will need to replenish before the trick or treaters arrive in a few days.

After the design is laid out the plastic is ready to be fused together with the hot iron. I used heavy craft paper under the design and parchment paper to iron on top. Care needs to be taken when ironing as you never want the iron to directly touch the plastic. To add some dimension and to hold my second plarn spider web I glued on some “tree branch” pipe cleaners on to the banner and made some pull tab and pipe cleaner spiders.

Have a Happy Halloween

and as always

Happy Upcycling,

How to make an upcycled Halloween Banner

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