Football Fan Bracelet Upcycled From Magazine Paper

Steeler fan bracelet

Hello friends,

If you live here in the United States you might be aware of a little thing we call the NFL. Are any of you also football fans? Our house is a Pittsburgh Steeler house even though we live in the middle of Bronco country. 🙂 Needless to say it is a lot easier to find orange and blue that black and gold swag around these parts. But of course that is neither here nor there to us / we? DIYer’s.

You don’t have to be a Steeler fan or even a football fan. With a little imagination this project could easily be made in any color for any team or event.

To start you just need to collect the colors you want to use from your old magazines. Check out the project below.

A few additional tip:

  • For the big beads use three strips at 5/8″ wide. For the small beads use one strip at 1/4″.
  • Use white glue to seal the ends of each bead.
  • To and shine and seal beads brush on a coat of clear fingernail polish.
  • Paper strips do not need to be solid color only about an inch or two on the end will end up being the color of the bead.

Steeler fan bracelet


Happy Upcycling,


Steeler fan bracelet


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