Easy Way to Remove Labels From Bottles

removing bottle labels

Today I have a simple and quick way to remove labels and label residue from glass bottles to prep them for upcycling and re-purposing.

When I made this soap dispenser a while back I spent a long time scrubbing the label residue off the bottle before I could paint it. I wish I had known this peanut butter trick back then. In just a few minutes and a little bit of scrubbing you have shiny clean glass.

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4 Replies to “Easy Way to Remove Labels From Bottles”

  1. I use silicone spray, I’ve tried different ones and have had success. The trick is to not wipe off the sprayed glue, it’ll take some off but will also smoosh it around. Just run under water and wipe off with fingers.

  2. Plain vegetable oil will work, too. I love peanut butter but I don’t like the smell (I know, that doesn’t make sense!) so I’d rather use the oil because it has no smell. I just smear it on, go away and do other stuff for up to a day, and everything just wipes off. Good tip about the black ink – I didn’t know how to get that off!

  3. WD40 works so much better on more of the glue types — PNB is fine for some, but I’ve had to go back w/ WD40 to get the residue it left any way — GooOff is a RIP OFF!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have purchased the GooOff and been disappointed too. I will remember the WD40 tip Thanks.

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