Easy Upcycled Mini Camp Stove


Upcycled Camp Stove

Back in the day I was a Campfire Girl. I think they are still around and they may even let boys in now. Any how we weren’t quit as well known as those Girl Scouts but we did similar things like sell candy (instead of cookies) the almond-rocca (I might not be spelling that correctly) was my favorite. We also did camping and hiking outings and I recall this little project from my childhood.

The other day I decided to re-live my childhood and cook my lunch in the great outdoors. 🙂

Here are just a few tips that my not be clear from the video.

1)  You want to be sure to use corrugated cardboard cut in the cross grain direction so the channels in the cardboard will fill with wax.

Tuna Tin Mini Camp Stove

2) It takes a couple of minutes for the flame to move from the middle of the tin to the edges.

3) For this particular tin I got a pretty consistent burn for over an hour.

Happy Upcycling,


Mini Camp Stove DIY

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