Christmas Ornaments Made from Empty Snack Bags and Junk Mail

Upcycled Christmas Tree Ornament

One of my favorite “things” (read trash) to “save” (read hoard) 🙂 is the foil wrappers from snack bags, candy bars, breakfast bars etc. I guess it is because they are shiny and I like shiny things.

I am particularly excited when I stumble onto the gold foil. Anyway I don’t know what has gotten into me this year but I am super excited to put up my Christmas decorations. It is so unlike me. Really, I usually feel sort of cranky when I am purchasing some last minute Halloween item in the shops and I see the isles and isles of Christmas stuff already being put on display. But not this year.

I can’t believe that I am even planning to put up the tree. This could be a colossal mistake with the relatively new pets in the house. I can already imagine the two cat monsters scaling the Christmas Tree, ornaments flying everywhere as the tree topples over. I feel so reckless and wild!! But I figure I should find out if a tree is possible with my new four legged family so I am up for the experiment.

Anyway, every year I seem to add to my collage of trashy Christmas decorations and these ornaments are my first project for this year.

A few additional tips that may not be evident from the video.

  • My template was a little slippery and therefore hard to trace around. To solve this problem I brushed on some rubber cement. If you have worked with rubber cement before you know that you need glue on both sides of whatever you are gluing but putting glue on just the template side does not adhere it but it does keep it from slipping.
  • After tracing my template a few times I switched to just marking the corners of the triangle and then using a ruler to draw the straight lines of the triangle. This process made the triangle more precise.
  • Also when drawing the triangle I used a pen and a fair amount of pressure as this made a slight score in the paper and made it easier to fold.

Christmas Ornament Upcycled from snack wrappers and junk mail

Happy Upcycing,


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