Giant Hamper Upcycled From Magazines

How to make a paper hamper

I don’t know about you but I haven’t quite gotten into the Christmas spirit yet. I do like to make my gifts when possible but some years I just give up and give out gift cards, much to the relief of my family, I am sure. Anyway I am not sure yet what kind of holiday this this one will be but last year I was quite silly and creative. (At least I like to think so) I deemed the holiday to be called “Wildly Impractical Christmas,” and as such I was able to give away quite a few of my crazy hand made jems.  Continue reading “Giant Hamper Upcycled From Magazines”

Messy Desk Solution – Upcycled Vertical Day Planner System

Upcycled Vertical Day Planner System

Are you a planner or a list maker? Do you get excited by the prospect of a new and empty day planner? Well I do. I sometimes write things down on my list after I have done them, just so I can give myself another check mark of accomplishment. I never got enough gold stars by in grade school I guess. Or maybe we just never out grow the need for recognition even self recognition. Continue reading “Messy Desk Solution – Upcycled Vertical Day Planner System”

Happy Earth Day – Easy Upcycled Boot Tree Ideas

Floppy boots in need of boot trees

Happy Earth Day!

I do hope you have at least one little way to honor the earth today. I promise I am not really a big environmentalist. I don’t protest against the destruction of the rain forest (maybe I should) or wring my hands about the thinning ozone layer. I honestly don’t know enough about the melting polar ice caps to comment on them. Still, I do believe that I have a personal impact on the environment. Continue reading “Happy Earth Day – Easy Upcycled Boot Tree Ideas”