Giant Hamper Upcycled From Magazines

How to make a paper hamper

I don’t know about you but I haven’t quite gotten into the Christmas spirit yet. I do like to make my gifts when possible but some years I just give up and give out gift cards, much to the relief of my family, I am sure. Anyway I am not sure yet what kind of holiday this this one will be but last year I was quite silly and creative. (At least I like to think so) I deemed the holiday to be called “Wildly Impractical Christmas,” and as such I was able to give away quite a few of my crazy hand made jems.  Continue reading “Giant Hamper Upcycled From Magazines”

Halloween Door Banner Decoration made from Upcycled Plastic

Fused plastic Halloween Decoration

You may not know this about me but I am  pretty stubborn and I don’t like losing. Last week when the Cat Monster tore up my spider web decoration, I mourned it for a few minutes and then contemplated where and what I could decorate that would be safe from the cats. Even though there are only two humans in this house against four furry four legged critters, I do still try to maintain some semblance of authority. Continue reading “Halloween Door Banner Decoration made from Upcycled Plastic”

Football Fan Bracelet Upcycled From Magazine Paper

Steeler fan bracelet

Hello friends,

If you live here in the United States you might be aware of a little thing we call the NFL. Are any of you also football fans? Our house is a Pittsburgh Steeler house even though we live in the middle of Bronco country. 🙂 Needless to say it is a lot easier to find orange and blue that black and gold swag around these parts. But of course that is neither here nor there to us / we? DIYer’s. Continue reading “Football Fan Bracelet Upcycled From Magazine Paper”

Easy Upcycled Mini Camp Stove


Upcycled Camp Stove

Back in the day I was a Campfire Girl. I think they are still around and they may even let boys in now. Any how we weren’t quit as well known as those Girl Scouts but we did similar things like sell candy (instead of cookies) the almond-rocca (I might not be spelling that correctly) was my favorite. We also did camping and hiking outings and I recall this little project from my childhood. Continue reading “Easy Upcycled Mini Camp Stove”