Save The Fruit – Plastic Fruit Makeover

Fake Plastic Fruit

I am fortunate to have what I generously refer to as a craft room, but in reality this space can only be called a junk room. Things collect there. Occasionally an item gets removed to be either donated or in the case of this weird collection of fruit, re-made. The remaking or crafting generally happening elsewhere in the house and rarely in the craft room itself. Continue reading “Save The Fruit – Plastic Fruit Makeover”

Simple Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Bouquet with Wine Bottle Vase

How to make a bouquet from t-shirt yarn


A while back I cut up some t-shirts for some sort of escape from the black hole known as the internet. I needed an activity that would allow my brain to rest. An activity that would finish the same as it started and not take me on some hour long excursion through cyber space ending up with me watching the latest viral cat video when my intention had been to clean up my email in box. Continue reading “Simple Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Bouquet with Wine Bottle Vase”

The Internet Is Ruining My Brain and Some Tee Shirt Yarn Therapy

multi colored t-shirt yarn balls

I swear I can’t hold a train of thought for 5 seconds anymore. Is it my addled brain, the constant stream of information and interruption. Why can’t I ignore the flashing light on my phone? Why does every news report or article you read on line have to link to other related and sometimes unrelated articles? You don’t know if they are related until you click and then you have fallen down an endless rabbit hole hours have gone by and you haven’t even tracked down that first little piece of information you were looking for. Or is that just me? Continue reading “The Internet Is Ruining My Brain and Some Tee Shirt Yarn Therapy”