Bunny In A Book / Bunny Is A Book / Upcycled Easter Decoration

Bunny made from a book

Sometimes I daydream about living in a tiny houses. Not that I could ever get rid of enough stuff to live in one. And can you just picture me the hubby two cats and two dogs sharing a 300 square foot living space. Just imagine the Cats vs Dog stories that would come out of that arrangement.  Here are a couple of potential headlines. “Woman’s miraculous duct tape repair after dogs eat her entire home” or “Tiny house tipped over by four legged tenants, how to live in your house when everything literally goes sideways.”   Continue reading “Bunny In A Book / Bunny Is A Book / Upcycled Easter Decoration”

Simple Heart Shaped Box Upcycled From Cereal Box

Finished heart shaped box made from cereal boxes


This morning is windy but warm, we have had a strangely temperate winter so far here in Colorado.  To be honest I haven’t minded one bit as I prefer the warmer temperatures and while I think the snow is beautiful I don’t really enjoy driving in it. But wind well that has always put me on edge. We are all a little edgy right now me, the hubby and all of our four legged friends. We lost our dear Roxie a few days ago to cancer and old age and it is impossible to tell who is the most heart broken. (Although the cats being the snobbish creatures that they are seem mostly unaffected) Continue reading “Simple Heart Shaped Box Upcycled From Cereal Box”