About Upcycle Design Lab


Upcycle Design Lab was officially started in January 2010 under the name Upcycled Design Lab there is a lot of old content on this original site that I am working to integrate with this new site. Some of the posts on this site will re-direct you to the older content so please don’t be alarmed.

The name for this blog emerged from the desire to create new things out of old and unwanted stuff and for a while I pondered the name Upcycled Design Studio.  It seemed a little too artsy for me as many of my projects could be much better if I took a second pass at them. Generally I do not bother and am on to the next experiment. And so Lab replaced Studio and my projects became a study in what could be made from used and unwanted items.

Recently I have added testing to the labs scope of information and will periodically be trying out and reviewing green products.

I hope you find this site to be both informative and inspirational.

Thanks for stopping by.

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