About Me

Hi my name is Cindy and if you are here, you probably already know that I am a little bit of a trashoholic.

I live with my husband and four furry friends in beautiful Colorado. I enjoy walking our two dogs, hiking in the foothills and mountains. I have hiked a few 14er’s and hope to add a few more to the list. I am a terrible gardener but I like to try anyway. I am not a very good house keeper either which means that there is always pet hair to be found somewhere. It is the price I pay for having four pets and a dreadfully abused vacuum cleaner.

I enjoy reading but I still watch too much TV.

I also have an EBay store where I sell mostly second hand clothing and sometimes my own creations.

I pay my bills by waiting tables part time and dream of a day when my blog is so famous that it supports me.

HeHeHe. 🙂 But I guess you never know.