22 Upcycled Christmas Decorating Ideas – How to have a greener Christmas – Part 1

Upcycled Book - Snowman

Thanksgiving is behind us and it is time to think about Christmas and all of the merriment that goes along with it. Do you have your Christmas decorating done already? I am determined to get my decorations up shortly. Over the years I have made quite a few upcycled decorations including the Snowman decoration above. To be honest I probably don’t really need anymore. So for this busiest time of the year I am taking a little break from making new things to share some of my favorite upcycling Christmas ideas from around the web.

This week I am sharing my favorite decorating ideas. So you can save a little green by saving something from the landfill. Even if you have already done your decorating maybe you will find some inspiration here.

Stay tuned for next weeks installment, gift ideas guide, places to shop for great upcycled and green products.

In the third installment of How to have your greenest Christmas ever I will share some of my favorite small handmade gifts.

The last installment I will wrap up with some quick last minute Christmas ideas.

I hope you will stay tuned and check out some of these great projects that can be made with a little creativity and some inexpensive salvaged items.

Upcycled Christmas Trees

While there still may be some debate on whether or not fresh cut trees are better or worse for the environment than artificial trees, here are some unique ideas for non tree trees.

Lamp Shade Christmas Tree

25 ideas of how to make a wood pallet Christmas Tree

How to make a cardboard Christmas Tree 

How to make a beer bottle Christmas Tree

How to make a newspaper Christmas Tree

Upcycled Ornaments

Handmade Christmas tree ornaments are a Christmas tradition (at least in my family) and if you can make them from items in your recycle bin well that’s even better.

Honeycomb ornament tutorial

Paper tube ornaments

Paper tube angle ornament

Paper tube reindeer ornament

Paper tube owl ornament

Soda can star ornament

Light bulb reindeer ornament

Soda tab ornament

Plastic bottle icicles 

Chips bag ornaments  (spoiler alert this is a video I made a few years a go)

Upcycled Wreaths, Garlands and Advent Calendars 

Paper tube wreath

Book page wreath

Plastic bag wreath

Wine cork wreath

Christmas Card Garland

Paper Tube Advent Calendar

Altoid Tin Advent Calendar

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your holiday season is off to a wonderful start.

Don’t forget to stop by next week for the Green Shopping Guide in installment 2 of How to have your greeniest Christmas ever.

And of course,

Happy Upcycling,

Part 1 of how to have a greener Christmas - upcycled decorating ideas
How to have a greener Christmas 22 upcycled decorating ideas

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  1. I had fun checking out every one of the links, and saved quite a few as well. I also wanted to point out that the first three links in the wreaths section go to exactly the same link. Just a little thing I thought you’d want to know. Thanks for a great list. 🙂

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