15 Upcycled Handmade Gifts and Stocking Stuffers – How to have a greener Christmas Part 3

15 Handmade Upcycled Gifts

Do you need a few ideas for some handmade gifts? I know it’s a busy time of year and even though we struggle to fit in all of our activities and tasks sometimes the best thing to do is slow down, put our hands to work and create something. If you need a little inspiration for some hand made gifts read on.

If you don’t have time for any handmade gifts maybe you would just like to create some handmade wrapping. Check out the video below on how to make an upcycled reusable gift bag.

Upcycled Gifts for Women

1 – Mini Spa in an Altoid Tin – This item is great for a little socking stuffer.

Mini Spa in a tin

2 – Upcycled Frame to Tray – Mom will love this especially if you bring her breakfast on it.

3 – Framed Silhouette – This idea is great for Grandparents too. Just remember to shop for thrift store frames or use a frame you already have to be green and to save some green.

4 – Eye Mask made from a T-shirt – This video show you how to upcycle a t-shirt into a cute eye mask.

5 – Vintage Doily Scarf – If you happen to have several vintage doilies you can stitch them together into a pretty scarf. Check your local thrift store sometimes you can find them in bundles.

Bonus idea – I love all these gifts in a jar just be sure to re-use where ever possible.

Upcycled Gifts for Men

1 – Shot Glass Chess Set – Got an empty tin and some scraps of card board all you need to add is the whiskey, vodka and a little of your own creativity.

Chess Shots Game


2 – Floppy Disc Notebooks – You might be too young to know what a floppy disc is but your dad might get a kick out of this antiquated note pad. If you like you can also throw together this the pencil holder below.

3 – Floppy Disc Pencil Holder / Planter and for even more retro silliness and the floppy disc picture holder.

4 – Floppy Disc Picture Holder  this will complete your old tech desk set.

5 – Golf Club Covers – I love this idea.  To make it upcycled  just use an old stuffed animal and one of your mis-matched socks. You can also mark some golf balls to make a set try this next idea.

Bonus idea – How to dye golf balls – While this isn’t strictly upcycling try using stuff you have around the house. If you have left over Rit dye great or I wonder if egg dye would work? Or maybe alcohol ink? You can make your own ink with dried up permanent markers and I even used a ball point pen in an experiment from a few years ago.

Upcycled Gifts for Kids

1 – T-shirt Yarn Animals – Get cutting up those old tee shirts and make these cut stuff animals. No sewing required.

no sew t-shirt yarn toys

2 – Jeans made into roadways – I love this simple idea if you have a little on that loves to play with trucks and cars you should check out this idea.

3 – T-shirt throw pillow – If you have a teenager this might be the project you are looking for.

4 – Throw rug from old clothes – Make a throw rug to match your pillow for a teen bedroom update.

5 – Beach towel Bib Tutorial – Keep little ones tidy with this easy to follow tutorial

Bonus ideas. I love all the things you can do with these fabulous little tins check out these Altoid tin stocking stuffers ( 10 plus creative ideas to reuse Altoid tins for gift giving)

Happy Upcycling,


15 Handmade Upcycled Gifts and Stocking Stuffers




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