Wool Dryer Ball Review – Dryer Sheet Replacement

Replacement for dryer sheets

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I’m super excited about a subscription program I recently joined called Mighty Fix.  I don’t know how you feel about subscriptions but they seem to be growing in popularity, I presume because they simplify everything from meal planning and preparation to gift giving. I have been wanting to do more reviews of green products on this blog so imagine my joy at finding a place that will send me a new product every month for a mere 10 dollars. Saving me the time of searching for products to review, purchasing them from multiple places and then waiting for them to arrive. I promptly signed up, paid my first 10 dollars and eagerly awaited my first surprise shipment. Continue reading “Wool Dryer Ball Review – Dryer Sheet Replacement”

Football Fan Bracelet Upcycled From Magazine Paper

Steeler fan bracelet

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If you live here in the United States you might be aware of a little thing we call the NFL. Are any of you also football fans? Our house is a Pittsburgh Steeler house even though we live in the middle of Bronco country. 🙂 Needless to say it is a lot easier to find orange and blue that black and gold swag around these parts. But of course that is neither here nor there to us / we? DIYer’s. Continue reading “Football Fan Bracelet Upcycled From Magazine Paper”

Easy Upcycled Mini Camp Stove


Upcycled Camp Stove

Back in the day I was a Campfire Girl. I think they are still around and they may even let boys in now. Any how we weren’t quit as well known as those Girl Scouts but we did similar things like sell candy (instead of cookies) the almond-rocca (I might not be spelling that correctly) was my favorite. We also did camping and hiking outings and I recall this little project from my childhood. Continue reading “Easy Upcycled Mini Camp Stove”

Paper Clam Shell Purse – Upcycled from Magazines

Quilled Paper Purse

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I am knee deep in a couple of different projects this week but I have not quite pulled any one of them together yet. So for today’s post I will take you back to last Christmas for another one of my zany gifts. This may, in fact, be the most zany of them all. I call it the “little paper pig purse”. It does not really resemble a pig but some how that is the only name for it. To make this story even a little crazier I have to admit, that this is not the only purse I have made out of magazine paper. You may have seen my post on the paper mustache purse a few months ago. I guess you will have to be the judge on which one is the craziest. Continue reading “Paper Clam Shell Purse – Upcycled from Magazines”